Islands Whaling

This week the EU will start to review Iceland’s application to join the EU. Even though the country is suffering very badly because of the economic chaos that occurred last year the EU spokesman has said this is a country is the best candidate to join the EU in years. The biggest problem, on the other hand, with Iceland is its controversial whaling activity.

The EU has laws protecting whales, and most likely for Iceland to join the EU they will need to ban the practice. The ban could have a big impact within Iceland for economical and social reasons. The economy could be hit hard and make it harder to get out of the recession and the public opinion in Iceland is not against whaling and is scene has a part of their culture.

The world is trying to find a better way to deal with whaling then a world wide ban. Japan whales under research pretense and, Norway and Iceland both whale legally for years. The population growth of endangered whales have been increasing for years and the population for those still harvested are also increasing.

The EU should not try to stop Icelandic whale industry for them to be allowed to join. They should accept the industry as an important part of their culture and economy. They should, at least, try to make a maximum quota for whales the Icelanders could whale but not ban it all together. The EU is in a critical condition with the recession and to force, a good contender to join the EU, to stop one of its biggest industries would be very inconsiderate on their part.

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